Sector39 were delighted to host a visit earlier this year from the Bishop of Salford. Bishop John came with 2 colleagues to find out about the One School One Planet and how we might be able to help them develop their own aspirations to rise to the climate challenge. We shared some of the teaching resources we have created for the project as well as taking them to Cae Bodfach to see the work we have been doing over recent years with the town council, high school and community to create a heritage orchard and biodiversity refuge.

We wanted to show that more than simply talking about environmental problems we are initiating responses, inspiring and equipping the next generation to to do the same whilst covering mainstream G.C.S.E. curriculum. Our contention is that permaculture design and cliamte emergency need to be integrated into teh core curriculum and we are dong what we can to demonstrate how to achieve this. To this end we welcome anyone with similar interests and aspirations to get in touch.

“The effects of Climate Change is not a problem that we can just leave to governments to remedy. They must certainly play their part but Pope Francis tells us that we are all required, every one of us, to make changes to our lives and begin to repair the damage before matters become irreversible.

Bishop of Salford and spokesperson for the Catholic Church of England and Wales on the environment.

There is a vision created by the Bishop to create an resource of high ecological value, for demonstration and training at Wardley hall, home to the Bishop. This might act as a training and demonstration hub for the whole NW district of 5 diocese, including Salford, Chester and Wrexham.

That area must include a great many schools, and indeed there is cluster of 18 schools close to Wardley Hall with an ambition to contribute to this essential challenge. Watch this space for developments!

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