Audio from the Cross Keys meeting Jan 31st – exploring Climate emergency. Images below are all referenced in the talk

City by city, town by town and now whole counties are declaring that we are facing a terrifying challenge to avert climate disaster. The 30 year ‘long emergency has began. I have collected a series of images and posters on the trends we are facing and hopefully this is fueling a deepening realization of the scale of the challenge before us.

Simply causing panic is not the attention. Received wisdom is telling us clearly that the only hope we can expect is that which might come directly from our own positive action. We need a plan, it needs to be understandable, communicable and it needs to be really effective. Tokenism is not what we need at this stage, but a concerted effort to move to concerted and co-ordinated effort

Geoff Lawton reminds us that it only takes a small determined minority to bring about a seismic shift
Warning steep drop ahead, the future for fossil fuels is total annihilation. We are very heavily invested in the companies behind fossil fuels and petrochemicals, their stocks and shares and their products.

Solar future, there are clear trends underway that we are still blind to, the energy landscape is changing rapidly

Professor Jem Bendal, Deep Adaption

We must be prepared to leave our personal comfort zones and find new purpose and new ways forward.
Staying below 1.5 degrees. This is how we do it, 6 areas of the economy must be transformed. From the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation
Cardiff emergence, plans for significant change in our capital city

Extinction Rebellion key demands
30,000 in Belgium alone were on school strike for climate last Friday, and it is rapidly spreading around the globe. Will the school generation turn out to be our climate leaders and heroes?
Economic collapse is coming right on the heels of ecological extinction

Those regions to have already officially recognised that we face an emergency

Bristol City Council 

Manchester City Council

Frome Town Council Forest of Dean District Council

Oswestry Town Council 

Scarborough Borough Council 

Stroud District Council 

Totnes Town Council 

Trafford Council

Greater London Authority 

Brighton Hove City Council  Machynlleth Town Council

Cornwall County Council 

Kirklees Metropolitan District Council 

Bradford Metropolitan District Council 

Lambeth Borough Council 

Nottingham City Council 


Milton Keynes

Leicester City Council

Lancaster City Council

Kids explain climate change to US President Donald Trump who still claims to not understand.

Global Climate Strike
Next Meeting is Feb 14th at the Cross Keys all welcome
Alternate event poster.

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