Professor Johan Rockstrom, Executive Director of The Stockholm Resilience Centre speaks, with an introduction from David Attenborough.

Here it is, in no uncertain terms this is the challenge we have before us! Facing up to climate change represents the greatest leap in human social and economic evolution ever made in a single generation. This generation.

We have to turn our carbon emissions into carbon sinks, energy, food, farming, the whole economy has to be transformed in line with the geo-physical limits of our planet that we are now experiencing.

Professor Rockstrom makes it clear, there can be no more externalities to production, a whole new economic model is evolving before our eyes, one that we need to embrace and understand in the short time we have left to make the required chaanges.

Homework for all staff
We hope that you can all find the time  to watch this one hour documentary and give it your full attention. We intend to use this as a baseline for the project. It might take a few pauses or a couple of run throughs, but it is important to assimilate the core ideas presented here.

Please watch it to the end as the responses and opportunites are outlined in the final segment. As scary as the message is, it also offers strong directions forward that we can all embrace.

For Llanfyllin School this is a potentially exhilarating opportunity to take the lead and create energy and momentum around these issues.

Your thoughts?
During the course of next term I think all the pupils should have the opportunity to watch this video in a formal learning environment. Is it too technical/ difficult/ challenging, I am intersted to know your thoughts on this.

Are we Leaders or followers?
In taking the lead we will help to define set the agenda, rather than have responses imposed on us. Government targets and plans including those from the Paris Accord fall well short of the requirements of the science, so it is down to communities, led my their schools and younger generations to take up the slack.

We invite you to see this as an opportunity to link subject areas to the core themes of the project

We hope that over the next three years Sector39 will be creating ways for every subject area to link to the transition agenda. Examples below.

  • Land based studies: we started with this subject as we have worked with Emyr Jones previously and can see how to fit in here best. we are designing fruit tree guilds and planting a community orchard, learning about carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture.
  • Geography – links to Geog and Science subjects seem straight forward
  • Science subjects –
  • English/ Welsh language – We are proposing a VoxPop project, to capture opinions from individuals.. communicating messages and ambitions of the project must create opportunites in language and media related studies
  • Media studies
  • Business studies and economics. We are proposing micro enterprises, a community currency and discussions on new business models that take all externalities into account fully.
  • Welsh Bac – We are still learning about this as a subject but feel sure the project can contribute units/ content here. Cross curricular themes like global dimension, environment being key examples
  • Eco schools initiative: Hopefully this could energise and give direction to this area of school work
  • Please add your subject to this list and think how we can best link together, we are really open to suggestions for potential links.

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