Captain Cat came along to help the Mencap volunteers label the fruit trees

A lot of fun and laughter was had again today at Cae Bodfah as we used the maps drawn up by the Llanfyllin High School students last autumn to locate and label all the different fruit trees in the orchard.

It was good going to navigate the map and locate every single piece of fruit tree treasure in the orchard! Luckily for us the winds blew fair and Captain cat was at hand to keep our spirits afloat!

Almost every fruit tree is a different variety they are mostly apples, but, there are medlar, cherry and pear tree treasures to be found too!

Re-purposed ‘waste’ and Low tech solutions

Free all weather labels made from used drinks cans

We re-purposed aluminium drinks cans by cutting them up to make the labels and used a hole punch so we could thread flexi tie through them and attach them to the trees. We then imprinted the names of the varieties onto the the aluminium using a biro style pen. Easy Peasy!

Flexi-tie is as the name suggests a flexible tie that allows the plant to move and grow reducing the damage from restriction.

Thanks again to all our wonderful crew of volunteers that have stuck with us through the wind and the rain.. spring is on its way and we are really looking forward to spending some well deserved warm and sunshiny days out in the field with you all! Great work team!

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