Cae Bodfach Herb Garden Sign made by the students of Llanfyllin High school

Today at Cae Bodfach there has been a bit of a buzz about building a willow archway to mark the riverside entrance to the orchard.

As there has been quite a lot of interest and enthusiasm to learn this fun and useful skill, and with such positive feedback about the lovely willow dome (that was put in by our friends at we think it would be a great idea to have a living willow archway demonstration in the upcoming weeks.

There is already a hedge-full of free resources at Cae Bodfach that will be ready to use within weeks.

Having bumped into my childhood cub scout leader Jackie at the orchard today (or as I remembered her ‘Akela’, so called after the wolf pack leader from the jungle book), another topic of conversation was the importance of natural play and just spending time in nature.

Some of us shared our own early memories of finding a deep connection with the natural world through outside play or through a community group such as Guides and Cubs! (This is how i developed my love for the outside world.)

In permaculture we say ‘Nature is our teacher’, we can learn a lot from simply observing how the world around us works, and what better way to discover that than through play?

Studying natures patterns in a snail shell or a spiderweb, experiencing natural cycles of the seasons, seeing how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly or simply feeling the wind on your face or smelling the deep earthy scent of the woodland floor..

Engaging in the natural environment improves a whole range of skills including physical, mental, personal and social development; and watching a friends young one run around and around the herb garden and in and out of the dome today really reminds me that natural play can also inspire a strong sense of guardianship and a genuine and long lasting love for the world around us.






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