This week Steve and Jack are joined by Dr. Andy Letcher, co-ordinator of the new MA in Ecology and Spirituality at the Schumacher College, Dartington.

In our conversation we discuss Andy’s background in ecology, environmental activism and the Study of Religion. We cover the history of the Schumacher College and the contents of the MA course, and explore the importance of ecological education, as well as the difficulties inherent in translating the interconnted complexities of something like permaculture, or ecology and spirituality, into an educational setting. We also cover the contribution spirituality can make to practical efforts at tackling the eco-crisis.

The interview is punctuated by brief discussions from Steve and Jack, as they unpack some of the ideas Andy presents.

Show Notes:

Dr. Andy Letcher’s Blog

Schumacher College

Centre for Alternative Technology

MA in Ecology and Spirituality, Schumacher College

Permoafrica Centre

K5 Village Project


Music by The Leatherette Barn Owl

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