As the project progresses we will be building up an archive of useful and informative educational resources.

Lessons and Teaching Resources

Unit 1

Unit 2

Worksheet – Unit 2 – Observation

Unit 3

Worksheet – Unit 3 – Catch and Store Energy

Unit 4

Worksheet – Unit 4 – Obtain a Yield (1)

Worksheet – Unit 4 – Obtain a Yield (2)

Unit 5

Worksheet – Unit 5 – Feedback and Limits (1)

Worksheet – Unit 5 – Feedback and Limits (2)


5 Minute Lesson Plan – For Effective Communication of Permaculture Principles

The Llanfyllin Transition Project (Introduction for GCSE Photography) – Jack Hunter

Assignment: Biochar and Wood Pyrolysis (GCSE Land Based Studies) – Steven Jones

Environmental Ethics: Deep Ecology (AQA AS-Level Religious Studies) – Jack Hunter

Deep Ecology Questions Sheet – Jack Hunter

PSE and the Llanfyllin Transition Project.

Photography and the Llanfyllin Transition Project.


One School One Planet Vol. 1: Climate. Education. Innovation by Steve Jones & Jack Hunter (Preview).


“Sector39 Setting Us on the Path to a Permaculture Revolution” (Dolen Ffermio).

“School takes lead in environment issues” (Advertizer, March 27th 2018, p. 18).

“2050 vision book launch” (County Times, March 23rd 2018, p. 20).

“One School One Planet” by Jack Hunter (Tanat Valley Chronicle, March 2018).

“One School One Planet: Change is Opportunity” by Steven Jones and Jack Hunter (Tanat Va`lley Chronicle, February 2018).

“Photography Students Turn Focus on Project” (Advertizer, April 18th 2017, p. 18).

“Climate Change and the Countryside: How do we Respond?” by Steven Jones (Welsh Country Magazine, Issue 74, Jan-Feb 2017, pp. 18-19)

“Saving the Planet, One School at a Time” by Steven Jones (Tanat Valley Chronicle, November 2016)

“Re-Animating the Landscape – Three Legends of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant” by Jack Hunter (Tanat Valley Chronicle, April 2015)

Flyers, Posters and Presentations

Ysbrydoliaeth yng Nghymru/Inspiration in Wales Poster – Paramaethu Cymru/Permaculture Wales.

Community Conversations Poster – 12th July 2018.

Community Conversations Poster – 24th June 2018.

Cae Bodfach Planting Day, Orchard MOT and Willow Dome Poster – 9th March 2018.

“Llanfyllin Climate Change News” Issue 1, February 2018.

“Big Change is Coming” Earth Day 2017/Paris Accord Leaflet.

Llanfyllin Transition Project Presentation for Staff at Llanfyllin High School.

Llanfyllin Transition Project Flyer for Staff at Llanfyllin High School.

Volunteer Poster for Cae Bodfach Community Orchard.


One School One Planet Podcast – Episode 11 – Set to photographs taken over two days working with students at Llanfyllin High School in July 2018.

Another snippet from our Llanfyllin Transition Project Public Opinion Survey.

The first of our public opinion surveys from Llanfyllin. Just before Christmas we (Llanfyllin Transition Project) went out onto the High Street in Llanfyllin in a wonderful Gypsy Caravan to interview local people about their views on Climate Change, their knowledge of the Paris Climate Agreement and to ask what they would do differently to help achieve a sustainable future.

The first experiment in our Climate Change Vox Pop Project. Here we ask three simple questions to participants in a Permaculture Design Course at Chester Cathedral: “What does Climate Change mean to you?”, “What is the Paris Agreement?” and “If you were the Prime Minister, how would you tackle Climate Change?”

In the Paris accord, 195 countries agreed that they would collectively keep average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees. But what does science have to say on how fast, and by how much, will we have to cut our emissions to get there? Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre is a climate scientist who looks at exactly this question, and the math he comes away with isn’t pretty.

Kevin Anderson shares his thoughts on what will need to happen if we are to meet the declarations in Paris, why it’s a matter of justice that we act, and why he personally has made the difficult decision to give up air travel.

The Paris climate accord signals that the race to the low carbon economy is fully on. This needs to be led by the rising generation who can see beyond the current economic paradigm, leading us all to a  clean energy economy as fast as possible, this is now essential.

Here, James Hansen of NASA explains what we have to do.

Founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, interviewed on the history of his ideas and practices.

Here Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, a pioneer of the Deep Ecology Movement, discusses his ideas about forging local, ecologically founded philosophical systems.