Cesar Manrique speaks out for the environment in 1987

This piece is from the latest Tanat Valley Chronicle

The publication is produced locally and is widely read, the best tool for reaching the local population. How has it come to this? It seems incredible that in 2017 we ap11-steve-jones-mar-2017-1re failing to grasp the messages coming from the scientific community and confusing their painstaking and peer reviewed research with corporate sponsored advertorial trying to deny to us what is plainly obvious. We ma prefer to hear the comforting lies coming from the corporate media but our own personal experiences tell us something different is happening. It seems essential that we all get a strong grasp of the research, of the established fast away from the filters and reality bending secondary suppliers of information.

The Llanfyllin event aims to build towards the World Earth Day when scientists across the world will be sending a unified and clear message that we ignore these findings at tremendous and horrific risk to all.


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