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Design Competition Deadline Extended! November 30th 2017!

We have had some wonderful submissions so far! So that we can get more, we have decided to extend the deadline to the 30th of November 2017!

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in submitting an image to our competition here is the original brief:

Help us communicate our critical message…

Since September 2016 we have been working with the aim to find the leaders of the future, creating exciting new opportunities for work, play and learning.

Our goal is to build an inclusive vision for schools and communities that recognises and understands our responsibilities as global citizens, while also meeting our commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement.

We need a powerful and clear image to communicate effectively the significance of the Paris Climate Agreement…

The targets the global community has to reach to have a realistic chance of avoiding climate change calamity are tough:

  • Reduce emissions by half in the coming decade, and then again in each of the 2 following decades
  • Re-invent farming to become a net carbon sink instead of being a significant source
  • Create new technologies that can effectively extract carbon from the air and store it somewhere safe such as underground

The targets for these objectives look like this on a graph and the treaty allows us thirty years to make the changes required:









We think this is a powerful image and it many ways it represents a map to the future. However a steep slope down into uncertainty makes a daunting sight, so we flipped it round to represent the rising up out of the mire of pollution and fossil fuel addiction to a bright new future.

Much more appealing but hey, I am just an economics teacher what do I know?

We need a compelling image that will look good on posters, t-shirts, we want to put it everywhere!

The challenge is for all you creative people out there to turn this image into something inspirational that can be shared and used around the world to inspire change and action.. Over to you!

Your Prize!!

Communicating such a vital message is a difficult challenge, and we are offering 3 fantastic prizes to the successful creative!

Your work will not only be used as the face of our revolutionary campaign, which is educating and inspiring the young minds who will make the decisions of our collective future…We will also provide and plant 3 tree guilds in return for your creative input.

The guild comprises of: 1 heritage apple tree and a set of supporting plants to help with pollination, fertility and weed control.

The first guild will go to Llanfyllin High School as part of their transition to a green leader in North Wales.

The second will be for the winner of the competition.

For the third guild, the winner of the competition can choose 1 other school or educational body to receive a tree guild provided and planted by Sector39’s own Permaculture Academy!  

Planting these  guilds will help us spread the word and inspire your school or institution to produce the climate change leaders we so badly need!

Competition Submission Date Deadline: 11 am Thursday 30th November 2017.

Contact us with your ideas.

Are you ready? Big change is coming!

This is the Paris Accord,

  • 195 nations signed the Paris Accord
  • If we follow path it sets out the planet gets a 66% chance of avoiding run-away climate change
  • The accord says we have to halve our emissions in the next ten years
  • Then halve them again and then again in the following two decades
  • It also says we need to find really creative ways to take carbon from the air and put it back into the ground.

This is the Paris Agreement

Vox Pop Project

As part of our Transition Project for Llanfyllin we are planning to carry out an audit of opinion in the town specifically relating to climate change. One way of achieving this is to conduct short one-to-one ‘vox pop’ interviews with residents of the town in order to gauge their opinions on these important issues. The video below is something of an experiment, but gives a good idea of the kind of thing we would like to produce. It consists of a select few micro-interviews with participants in the Permaculture Design Course currently being held at Chester Cathedral. For the finished product we will be interviewing Llanfyllin residents and students at the High School. Once we have completed our audit of public opinion it will be possible to look back after our project has finished to see how much impact we have had in changing people’s minds about climate change and the things they can do on a local level to help mitigate its effects: