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Are you ready? Big change is coming!

This is the Paris Accord,

  • 195 nations signed the Paris Accord
  • If we follow path it sets out the planet gets a 66% chance of avoiding run-away climate change
  • The accord says we have to halve our emissions in the next ten years
  • Then halve them again and then again in the following two decades
  • It also says we need to find really creative ways to take carbon from the air and put it back into the ground.

This is the Paris Agreement

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Vox Pop Project

As part of our Transition Project for Llanfyllin we are planning to carry out an audit of opinion in the town specifically relating to climate change. One way of achieving this is to conduct short one-to-one ‘vox pop’ interviews with residents of the town in order to gauge their opinions on these important issues. The video below is something of an experiment, but gives a good idea of the kind of thing we would like to produce. It consists of a select few micro-interviews with participants in the Permaculture Design Course currently being held at Chester Cathedral. For the finished product we will be interviewing Llanfyllin residents and students at the High School. Once we have completed our audit of public opinion it will be possible to look back after our project has finished to see how much impact we have had in changing people’s minds about climate change and the things they can do on a local level to help mitigate its effects: